Niya [tomatomagica]

Freelance artist

[email protected]

Use this email for inquiries about commissions and i will get back to you when i'm able to (sometimes it may take a long time, i hope for your understanding!)




Character art ($200+)

per character

Background art

Individual pricing

Reference sheets

Front and back ($300+)
Front, Side, Back ($400+)
Extra busts ($100 per bust)

Logo design (100$+)

animation / video ($400+)

Vtuber Lore Video ($1000+)

3D models ・ Vroid + blender + unity (ARkit) ($500+)

rigged and ready for streaming

Live2D art ($500+)

cut and ready to be rigged

Live2D rig ($500+)

2d model ready for streaming⚠️i only rig my own art ⚠️

Niya the catgirl Vtuber

Here you can find an always updating
gallery of official Niya illustrations (*°ヮ° *)


What you'll recieve:For illustration commissions - a hi-res .PNG file, if asked i can send you a transparent version with just the character and no BG elementsFor Live2D model commissions - a zipped folder with a Live2D model ready for face/body tracking, 3 posed renders of it, a week to contact me about any issues you want fixed. Original Live2D Cubism files are not normally sent, but it can be discussed on case-by-case basis.For 3D model commissions - a .VRM file ready for face/body tracking, 3 posed renders of it, a week to contact me about any issues you want fixed. A .vroid file is not normally sent, but it can be discussed on case-by-case basis.

  1. INCLUDE CHARACTER REFERENCE AND/OR INFO IN YOUR INITIAL EMAIL, otherwise your email will have low priority and will be answered after everyone with a reference included

  2. Don't contact me through social media, use my work email only, unless i gave you permission to do otherwise

  3. I will only be accepting commissions on a slot basis. This means that I will only accept a certain number of commissions at any one time, so that I can devote my time to finishing them first without having to worry about getting a backlog of work to do and having people wait

  4. You are only purchasing a digital file, not a physical print

  5. You will pay upfront 100% before i start the commission

  6. Refunds are negotiable, cancellation fees may apply

  7. Payment through PayPal or Sberbank only

  8. You're allowed to request a full refund only if i haven't started yet, partial refund will be discussed on individual basis

  9. All payment should be made through invoice method. I will invoice you

  10. The prices I have specified are only used as guidelines. It depends on what you’re after and which level of detailing you want

  11. Don't try to haggle and question my prices

  12. I reserve the right of refusing your commission for any reason whatsoever, without specifying

  13. When commissioning me for a style-copy, 2d or 3d, be aware that i am not the artist i'm copying, i will not be able to completely replicate the style, because i'm a different artist

  14. As an artist, my art is constantly evolving, so there might be slight differences between the samples in my gallery and the illustration you will receive (linearts style, coloring method, composition...). They are very slight changes, but please keep that in mind

  15. If you don't want me to post the commission online please say so, otherwise i will assume it's okay to post

  16. I will keep you updated if any delays happen

  17. I will not send WIPs unless directly asked to

  18. If during a WIP you notice something you would like changed, depending on its complexity, it can either be done for free or for a fee. This will be discussed with the commissioner

  19. Any major changes will come with an extra cost. These sorts of changes include: Outfit changes, background changes, outfit addition/subtraction, or anything that’ll require me to rework/redo entire portions of the commission

  20. If your character doesn't have a fully complete visual reference i can use, you'll be charged a Character Design fee (yes, even if you have picrews, pinterest pages, any kind of collage, text description etc)

  21. I may recycle sketches and preparatory works that were rejected by the Commissioner for other commissions or personal works

  22. I will only answer questions directly related to my art and commission work

  23. Your commission is for personal use only, unless it is paid as a commission for commercial use (2D and 3D models price includes commercial rights)

  24. If you are going to be posting it online, please give credit!

  25. Please do not distribute or resell your commission without my explicit permission

  26. I can draw both SFW and NSFW artwork

Do you agree with the following conditions?